International Institute for African Scholars

Debra Kinzer

U.S. Administrator

Debra Kinzer is an energetic administrator who does not leave any stone unturned. She operates out of Fayetteville, North Carolina in the United States. She provides all the administrative covering for The Institute. She is a published author and an active blogger on very critical aspects of human health and well-being. Contact IIAS today -  Register with the Donate button. Select a category.

Dr. Geraldine Abaidoo

Africa Headquarters Director

Dr. Geraldine Abaidoo is the Africa Headquarters Director. She is based in Accra, Ghana. She is the CEO of PerFocus Consulting Firm where she is changing how people do business across Ghana. Her professionalism, high level of education, and extensive/top-level experience in the Insurance field speak volumes. Dr. Geraldine ​Abaidoo brings all that to the IIAS continental stage. Contact IIAS today  -  Register with the Donate button. Select a category.

Chima Nwosu, PhD, MBA

Chairman, Governing Council/Project Director

Dr. Chima Nwosu is the chairman of The Institute's governing council. He directs all projects and program and oversees programs and projects being executed by liaison officers in African and other countries. He worked with NNPC Research and Development Unit, IBM Corporation, Carochen International Group, and State of North Carolina. He consults in the area of Solar Energy. Contact IIAS today - Register with the Donate button. Select a category. 

Dr. Oluwatoyin Akindoju

Interim Assistant Registrar

Dr. Oluwatoyin Akindoju is the Interim Assistant Registrar of the International Institute for African Scholars. She is a practicing Chartered Professional Accountant in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Her vision as a person and as an Africa Scholar empowers others around her. She brings diligence to Afrocentricism in Scholarship. Everyone should get ready for the "Dr. Akindoju Effect"!!! Contact IIAS today - .Register with the Donate button. Select a catetory.