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The IIAS creates platforms for free workshops and conferences to facilitate knowledge expansion inter-collegiate and communal collaboration. Conferences are coordinated by harnessing the energies of professionals like you and organizations willing to provide solutions or exchange ideas. Ideas rule the world.

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Shaw University


Emmanuel University

​Eclipse Ventures

International Institute for African Scholars has a strong team of individuals who have distinguished themselves in the academic arena. These individuals have served as tenured professors, deans, chancellors, vice-chancellors, university presidents, and other scholarly ranks.  

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North Carolina Central University.

Saturday, April 20, 2019. 9am-3pm. Michaud School of Education, Auditorium, NCCU, 700 Cecil Street, Durham, NC 27707.  (919) 539-6679


April 2019 Conference

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International Institute for African Scholars

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The International Institute for African Scholars provides support to African Universities and their faculty members in areas of technology, performance improvement, and innovation. It is often difficult for the Institute discern the dilemma of some African tertiary Institutions.

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