International Institute for African Scholars

Building African hamlets village by village through Small and Medium-sized Business skills, Entrepreneurship, Technical Skills, Artisanship,   Printing, Agriculture, Automobile Repair,  Welding, Brickmoulding, etcType your paragraph here.


Corporate Development

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Presenting African Scholars to the Global Academic Community

Companies and institutions often slide away from their tenets. Those that are able to engender regular training are forging ahead. Those that do not have a training and development strategy are already reaping failure. The Institute is currently working with individual and corporate clients to elevate their organization through development. Become a Member today.... 

The International Institute for African Scholars provides support to African Universities and their faculty members in areas of technology, performance improvement, and innovation. It is often difficult for the Institute discern the dilemma of some African tertiary Institutions.

Consequently, it reaches out to institutions across Africa. Become a Member today....


International Institute for African Scholars has a strong team of individuals who have distinguished themselves in the academic arena. These individuals have served as tenured professors, deans, chancellors, vice-chancellors, university presidents, and other scholarly ranks.  

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